Sites & Minisites
A brief look at other sites I've worked on

New MaxiShop

Various iterations of homepage front end build, based on supplied wireframes and designs.

These were further improved and form the basis of the current homepage.

Homebase IE

Final site design, build and implementation of the Homebase Eire homepage, featuring a SVG "store locator" map with PNG fallback.

This iteration was live from early 2013 to early 2014.

Search Office Space

Speculative design concepts of home & search result pages for an office property broker.

Homebase Social Hub

Design & build of easily-updateable social hub for the DIY retailer. This has since been replaced with a new design on the live website.

"Pen City"

A homepage concept designed during employment with Senator.

Currys Homepage

This homepage design was created during employment, as part of Dixons Retail's responsive site design process.

Until very recently, the live site carried a design inspired by the hierarchy and layout seen here.

Home Learning College

Speculative design concept, applying eCommerce principles such as a focus on promotions and "get the customer to product pages as quickly as possible" to a very different industry.

Webcomic concept site

Based on provided Photoshop designs and built in Bootstrap 3, a responsive concept website that is ready for integration into a WordPress back end.

The concept site is available to view here.

You can find out more about the artist, and read the comics, at SmackJeeves!