Raspberry Pi Kiosk
API-based auto-load, auto-refresh home information kiosk

The idea

To have an information screen at home that loads automatically on power up, updates regularly, and displays the following at a glance:

Outside air temperature
Upcoming events
Up to 4 next trains to London


An internet-connected Raspberry Pi 2 is attached to an LCD screen, and loads the HTML/CSS/JS based kiosk screen on boot.

Client side AJAX and AngularJS are used to authenticate with and load data from various APIs (OpenWeatherMap, Google Calendar and RealTimeTrains), with cross-origin hacks as required!

Source download

The source code is available to download as a zip file here. The code is fully commented and, due to this being a quick personal project, experienced developers will notice there is plenty of room for improvement!

Please note that you will need to acquire your own fonts, as well as keys in order to use the secure APIs.