Citizens Advice: "Casebook"

Casebook is the case management web application used across Citizens Advice. It is built on Ruby and React, with UI elements written in HAML & SCSS, and automated testing is provided by Jenkins.

I was attached to this project team for a few months, working on feature enhancements and bug fixes to UI elements. The project follows a strict Agile methodology, is tracked on JIRA, and has a multi-branch Git repo at its core.

Musicqubed: MTV Trax

MTV Trax was a subscription-based music app aimed at a teenage audience. I built its voucher redemption functionality and related UI from the ground-up in React, covering both the user-facing app and back-end management system.

The user-facing redemption app validated the user's voucher with a Google App Engine data store, routing them to the appropriate template based on response. The management system provided "CRUD" functionality for voucher campaigns, and allowed staff to locate the status of any voucher through search.