Citizens Advice: Task List

The Citizens Advice intranet features step-by-step guides to performing certain tasks, previously found in the form of accordions which were difficult to create and manage. Using Polymer components, I was able to create a task list for the modern age - designed with accessibility and ease of editing in mind.

Polymer components follow a traditional MVC paradigm: there's a task list template, the task list content, and a script that binds the two together. To create a task list, content editors simply use custom "task-list" tags within their usual HTML editor and the component takes care of the rest.

St John Ambulance: Bookings UI

As part of a revamp of an internal portal, I made use of a Polymer component for the "make a booking" UI. This made for cleaner markup in the page templates, and the modular nature of components allowed the interface to be easily transposed and repurposed for other uses across the portal.