Citizens Advice: In-page filtering

Some content pages on the CA intranet are very long and contain in-depth detail on multiple topics. If users are able to filter this content by category and free text search, they can instantly reach the information they need without scrolling or being crowded by irrelevant content.

This filtering functionality is provided by Angular in a lightning-fast single page application. The page content itself is stored as json, which is automatically formed from a source document that can be easily updated by content editors.

Citizens Advice: Dynamic content

Updating content with new facts and figures without having to involve content teams, analysts or developers is something of a "holy grail". With Angular, we can now consume dynamic data from analytics sources directly in the body content of articles.

Although dynamic content initially needs development time to set up, it is ultimately a huge time-saver and ensures content never becomes out of date or inaccurate.